4 months ago
This place is amazing. The girl's up front Becky and marci are so helpful and friendly, not to mention the doc is well experienced and does all he can to make sure your comfortable through the whole process! You can't beat the price either! 5 🌟's.
- Logan B
8 months ago
I love all of them so much , made me feel like family and always checks on me too
- Deaundria R
3 months ago
The staff is courteous, efficient, knowledge and always ready for you. They work with your schedule. if you don't have a way there and or a vehicle Becky will pick you up and drop you off. I came here do to a car accident . Now that I am in there system I'm eligible for a discount on my future visits. Even if you haven't or have been envolved in a accident seeing a chiropractor is truly therputic on so many levels.thanks Dr Z and staff I will be back. U made my days brighter and my health for sure improved. Thank u thank u
- Amber W

First Choice Chiropractor In Columbus

First Choice Chiropractic – Columbus, OH
If you have been recently injured in an accident or even a sport-related injury, First Choice Chiropractic is here to help. With four convenient locations in the area, this chiropractor in Columbus, OH is swiftly becoming the “first choice” among residents. See more about how these talented doctors can relieve your chronic pain or that caused by an injury.

About The Company 
Dr. James E. Fonner, DC has over a decade of experience in the chiropractic field. Since starting this practice in 2007 as a single office, he has kept the same stance on his customer service. Even now that he has expanded to four offices, he expects the same level of bedside manner with each and every patient. 
There are many reasons Dr. Fonner is so passionate about his work. Part of it is helping someone who was recently thrown into a situation that is both painful and stressful. He takes that weight off their shoulders, allowing patients to focus on their own recovery. The other side is representing his patients in a way that validates their pain and experience. Yet another thing to check off the customers’ list for them: paperwork!

Thanks to the high demand from loyal customers, First Choice Chiropractic has been able to add three more locations to the list: Columbus North, Columbus South,  and Reynoldsburg. That means even more residents of Ohio can benefit from a reputable chiropractor in Columbus. It’s rare to come across a firm that is so prepared to assist their clients, so people are jumping on fast.

Above And Beyond 
A common reason patients seek a chiropractor in Columbus is due to neck pain from a recent auto accident. Some might seek assistance due to a worker’s compensation claim. These trained doctors are well-versed in the laws and regulations regarding these cases. They can take on the big job of sifting through the paperwork while you focus on feeling better!For someone who is in pain or recently suffered an injury, this alone can make the difference between a speedy and a slow recovery. It is known that continued stress has a toll on the body and will delay the treatment process. Allow First Choice Chiropractic to fight for your rights and toward the compensation you rightfully deserve based on your injury.If that’s not enough to convince you of their great customer service, read on.

This chiropractor in Columbus can help you from head to toe. In addition to regular wellness visits, residents benefit from pain relief at First Choice Chiropractic. So, if you’re experiencing chronic pain, still feel pain after an injury, or recently had an accident, you can get help all in the same place!These doctors are trained similarly to general healthcare professionals in that they know the entire anatomy of the body. They know how everything is connected to your core, essentially your torso. This is how chiropractors became known as “back-crackers” since all of our limbs extend from the strong yet fragile spine.There are right and wrong ways to make these adjustments. That’s why these professionals went through years of training. Don’t wait too long to address the pain you’re experiencing. If you are dealing with any of the following issues, call First Choice Chiropractic at (614) 274-4878 or visit the website today!

Headache And Migraine Relief 
A lot of people have found relief from migraine headaches after starting a chiropractic regimen. Customers have experienced fewer headaches and the intensity is lower. For those who struggle with chronic headaches, you know how much time and energy that can save you to go out and live your life again.

Neck Pain
The same goes for neck pain and tension. This could be caused by a car accident or an even simpler injury. Although the neck is a strong part of the body, it can get tired and needs a break. Your chosen chiropractor in Columbus is trained to identify the source of your pain and make the proper adjustments all in the same office.

Back Pain And Joint Pain 
Don’t assume the pain will go away on its own. After checking with your general physician, make sure the pain does not persist. If it does, ignoring it can lead to further damage and prolonged pain. An injury or simple daily hustle and bustle can cause us to get “out of alignment”. Sometimes a simple visit to your Chiropractor in Columbus can resolve the problem. Other times, your doctor may locate a problem your healthcare professional may have missed.

Knee And Leg Pain 
Suffering from knee and leg pain can take away from lots of your daily activities. A lot of people switch from taking the stairs to the elevator due to leg pain, especially in the knees. This is a join that gets a lot of action, but not a lot of attention. Your chiropractor in Columbus will give your joints the TLC they need to continue working hard for your body every day.

Work-Related Injuries
From carpal tunnel symptoms to a fall injury, worker’s compensation cases are getting filed every day. First Choice Chiropractic has the information you need to make the process feel a lot less daunting. They equip you with the knowledge you need so you can usurp your rights the proper way. Your employer should want to help you stay safe and healthy at work.

Auto Injuries
Whiplash is a commonly heard-of injury obtained from a vehicle collision. That is just one thing a chiropractor in Columbus can work to improve. Just like with worker’s comp claims, they can help with your personal injury claim documents and to better understand your rights. 

It’s Easy To Start
First Choice Chiropractic is accepting new patients right now! Either visit the website at your own convenience or give them a quick call at (614) 274-4878. They will put you on the path to a speedy recovery and better overall health in just one office visit. 

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